In its fourth year, Sirena 58 still mesmerize ship owners 

Nothing  would be possible without it. The first to cross the Mediterranean enchanting ship owners  and taking them on a  cruise of dream and wonders.

We are talking about the Sirena  58, concived by the minds of designers German Fres and Tommaso Spaldoni. Since 2018 Sirena combines comfort and safety to a clear, linear modern design.

Speed and elegance are its main features.The external details  and internal volumes enhance its beauty and  versatility. A versatility achieved trought a smaller scale of this model compared  to the others of house Sirena 58 is the meating point for both yachtmen and engine lovers  thanks to its hull that optimizes the performance during displacement and surfing.

"Efficency" became the keyword to describe this yatch in the past four years due to its autonomy of 850 miles and a speed that goes from 10 to 25 knots.

A model designed and built to maximize the pleasure of your sea life experience, comfortable as a home ,a home on the sea, a delight, your delight.

The external area is divided in tree large spaces and a flying bridge of over 27 square meters that reaches the upper stern.

Sirena proves that "classic" is never out of style, a style contained in a 58 feet yatch. A yatch that allows long cruises without sacrificing any comfort. Available in tree different  versions with elegant interns and volumes.



Sirena 88, your next fully customizable beachfront home


Sirena58 and Sirena Coupé: different needs, same performance.