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Exclusive Dealer of Sirena Yachts in Italy

Gpy Longrange is a consolidated reality in the nautical panorama of the Mediterranean, with 40 years of experience in the sector.

It has always had excellent products and services thanks to careful and rapid management in its choices. An approach that made it the only Italian Official Dealer for Sirena Yachts.

The shipyard of Sirena Yachts

Sirena Yachts is the brand of the Turkish shipyard dedicated to motor boats and located in Bursa. Gpy Longrange decided to bring it to the Italian market.
Sirena Marine is certainly a brand of high quality: all the work is done internally, starting from the resin of the hulls, the carbon superstructures and the teak, for finishing with the steel and internal upholstery.

Opening an office in Italy, specific for Sirena Yachts, has meant providing shipowners with an Italian reference point for any service that may be collateral to the management of the boat.


40 years of history, today exclusive dealer Sirena Yachts

Gpy was born in the hinterland of the Tuscan hills in 1978, thanks to the passion of Maurizio Granai who, as a first step in the sector, creates nautical bases in Bocca di Magra (SP) and subsequently in Viareggio (LU). Over the years, GPY's core business has focused on what is the most natural location for yachts: marine ports.
Upon the entry of the son Giovanni in Gpy, there was the need to expand the structures in the area. Two new Gpy points born: the headquarters of Marina Cala de Medici, in Tuscany and the headquarter of Marina di Varazze, in Liguria.

The Gpy Longrange headquarters located in Marina Cala dei Medici and in Rosignano Solvay, saw the entry of a new commercial figure: the Sales Agent Garo Atmaca, a Turkish engineer who, in constant contact with Sirena Marine and that manages to offer the best support that every customer can expect, in the sale phase and during the customization phase of the boat. The entry into Gpy Longrange of Engineer Garo Atmaca, who has a long experience in the design of yachts, has certainly brought added value to Gpy. 


Our offices are located on the west coast of Italy: Giovanni, the youngest of the Granai, passionately follows the market of Northern Italy, inside the Gpy Points of Varazze (SV) and Lavagna (GE).

Instead, Maurizio Granai operates from the base of Marina di Cala de Medici, a historic and consolidated dealer for shipowners sailing in Tuscany. Maurizio Granai opera dalla base operativa di Marina di Cala de Medici, storico e consolidato dealer per gli armatori che navigano in Toscana.